About Apsilon Hotels

Our Culture

Our Core Values


We love to compete with a "CHIP" on our shoulder

Communication, Honesty, Integrity, Passion


Communication is the most essential component to ensure successful execution. We want our team on the same page and look to eliminate mistakes from non-communication or miscommunication. This allows the team to provide our guests with a memorable experience.


As the Dutch proverb states, honesty is the soul of business. We understand there is no trust without complete honesty. There is no execution without trust. We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent with all those we serve.


If honesty is the soul, then integrity is the essence of business. We commit to always do what is right not what is easy. We strive to go above and beyond our guests' expectation with a genuine concern to uphold our values.


We have a deep-rooted passion to serve. We are relentless in our pursuit of delivering world-class service. We have an authentic desire to build our relationships one guest at a time. We know our guests have a choice, and we are grateful to be of service.

Our Origins

In 1984, Ashwin Patel crossed the ocean from India to seek his fortune in the land of opportunity. He started small but energetically and expanded quickly. He developed several properties and businesses, including gas stations, convenience stores, video stores and dry cleaners. Ashwin’s two sons were always present, working by his side, and he instilled the values and wisdom of hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit.